Digital Money, FX and Payments. Fast and Affordable.

Grapes gives individuals and businesses access to digital money, FX and cross-border payment services for fractions of the cost of existing solutions. We leverage global fiat and digital asset rails to turn “painful and expensive” into “simple and economical".

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The numbers don't lie. Grapes is THE lowest cost way to get spendable CAD.

Add up the fees. Grapes can save you up to 90%.

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*Based on converting 5000 USD to CAD on a pre-loaded payment card.

**Rates are illustrative and for informational purposes.

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Powering the next generation of money movement

Move Digital Money Globally, Spend Locally

Moving money across borders has long been an expensive, painful process. With Grapes and Digital Money rails that pain is a thing of the past. Get Digital Money anywhere and seamlessly spend it in Canada and a growing list of countries around the world.

Bridge The Gap Between The Old and New Worlds

Get your Digital Money seamlessly and spend it even quicker. Pre-fund Mastercards or Pay Bills directly from QCAD and USDC with Grapes payment integrations. No more extra hop to your own bank account.

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Supercharge Your Customer's Digital Money Experience With the Grapes API

Give each of your customers a full Grapes experience with Grapes Organizations and Member APIs. On and offramp into Digital Money, offer Bill Pay, e-transfer, card loading services and on-chain FX, all built right into your own application.

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MSB in Canada? You’re In the Right Place

Customer Solutions

Customer fiat on/offramp, FX and integrated direct payment solutions.

Compliance Solutions

Compliance program structuring and onboarding execution.

Development Solutions

Digital Money API compatible applications out of the box.

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